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"Somebody discover him...please" - John Summer (Principal, Central Coast Magazine)

Having been a fan of Guy’s live playing for many years, I stumbled upon a CD recently (Woke Up Dreaming) purely by chance at a Pismo Beach gas station…of all places.   So I gassed the car…and then proceeded to get outrageously and irretrievably gassed myself.  Before I reached my destination, I was screaming “Guy did it!” at the top of my old blues-addled lungs as I listened to “Heaven’s Front Porch”.  

Honestly, I have not been this excited about anyone’s recorded guitar work in a very long time.  Guy has found a way of channeling Hendrix through Jeff Beck with some spicy seasoning of Stevie Ray, Billy Gibbons, Joe Walsh and Albert King to generate some of the nastiest, sauciest and gut wrenchingly inspired fret work heard anywhere.  And I’ve heard them all.  Lay Zappa, Hendrix, and Gibbons’ inflected vocals over Guy’s guitar and you’ve got honey flowing over alabaster.  He’s the whole package.  Guy’s latest CD, (Gypsy Souls) with the vocal backing of the wonderful Swearingen ladies on “War of Wits” and the evocative “Shapeshifter” show that Guy continues to grow and blaze new trails.  The music world needs to hear this man.  Somebody “discover” him, please!   He deserves a place on the high altar of guitar greats


"Hendrix as he might have been later in life" - Tim Johns

After growing up trying to copy Jimi Hendrix, hearing Guy Budd is like listening to Jimi as he might have been; molding hot guitar riffs with existential lyrics into R&B and even a little jazz.  Awesome, can't wait for his next CD.  Since I'm on the east coast, I probably won't hear him live, but a live CD would be great!

"This man is absolutely incredible" - D.H. (CD Baby)

Guy Budd displays a complete mastery of the guitar - a guitarist shouldn't be this good.  Every note, tone, texture, stroke, is just absolute perfection.  I can't recommend this recording any higher. This is the type of recording that after you've listened to all the "greats" you say, OK, now this is how its done.  There is only one caveat, once you've heard Guy's fret work and the ease of his playing, it might spoil the rest of your electric blues collection.  You've been warned.

"Take a trip with the Guy Budd Band" - Steve (Two Guys Music, R.I.)

If you miss the psychedelic sounds of the late 60's early 70's and really loved Hendrix's bluesy psychedelic stuff and great guitar tones...you'll love this CD.  It's a great guitar record full of long jamming songs loaded with a lot of vintage sounding guitar solo's and laid back vocals.  Don't confuse this Guy with the rest of the Hendrix "want-to-be" crowd.  Guy has a songwriting style all his own and leans more towards a laid back bluesy style of singing & playing rather than wailing off a thousand fuzzed out notes a minute.  Apparently Guys been around almost 30 years and you can hear it in his playing.  This is one great CD I can highly recommend......can't wait for the next one.

"With Gypsy Souls, Guy Budd delivers" - DJ Smokehouse Brown, KVRX Radio, Austin, TX.

With his second release Gypsy Souls, Guy Budd...artist, poet, bluesman...delivers a stunning, beautiful set of progressive and provocative blues fused with elements of rock, jazz, and soul.

 Budd, a native of rural New Jersey, later moved to Central California and hit the road in the late 1960s, when he hitched back and forth across the country for the next eight years.  Budd later returned to California and settled in San Luis Obispo, where he studied music and forged his own space in the vibrant musical community there, passing up opportunities to record for major labels in Los Angeles.  And thank God for that, because he later hooked up with Howard Emmons (drums),  Wil Anderson (bass), and Ken Burton (keys), the artists who lent their talents on this new record.

The songs on Gypsy Souls showcase Budd and company's unique vision of where the blues can go, matched with superb songwriting that's ripe with social commentary. "Throw Away" (track 3) is a perfect example, as is the traditional Albert King number "Blues at Sunrise" (track 2).  For a nice version of  "War of Wits" (the cut Budd performed solo at KVRX for Local Live in 2005), try track 1.  The real gem on this release, however, is the eclectic "Shapeshifter" (track 4).  It is a haunting song that defies genre categorization:  part blues, part Middle Eastern/African rhythm, it's like something out of a dream, pure genius!!